Ready to have the life you've always wanted?

Let's face it, your fun-loving, optimistic, inner rebel has been stifled long enough.

Whether you'd like to start your own business, have more freedom, make more money, improve your relationships, or travel the world - however you define success, it's time to take charge and live life on your own terms.

"Dr. Ann Vertel taught us how to effectively question ourselves - to set up a question so we can quickly move from inaction to action."

Ashley Mahaffey
Navy Veteran | Elite Beachbody Coach

"We learned how to establish a personal and professional vision for our business and filter our many talents into a potent and effective mission statement. Ann’s professionalism and guidance are stellar and I am so grateful for her insights."

Dawn Stone
UCCG Veteran | Floral and Event Designer

"Ann, the last thing I would have guessed when I met you was that you had a military background. And the thing I was least surprised about was that you had a military background. Because you had clearly figured out how to take all the skills you learned in the military and turn them into the life you really wanted."

Jenifer Madson
Author, "Living the Promises"

"Ann has this gift of tapping into people and helping them be more than they thought they could be."

Edi Sowers
Navy Veteran | Executive Coach

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