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I'm Ann Vertel, the Founder of Take Charge Life™

My purpose is to inspire, encourage, and connect women with a burning desire to have the life they've always wanted.

During the 16 years since I retired from the military and began running my own company, I looked for a community of women building successful businesses, balancing their lives, and encouraging each other along the way.

But I never found one that felt quite like the family feeling I was used to in the military.

So I created my own.

If you're tired of following all the rules, are done being stifled, and are ready to take charge of your own success, however you define it, Take Charge Life™ will help you love what you do and earn what you're worth.

Most of our members...

...tend to be women smack-dab in the middle of their working years who are ready to take charge of their own success.

I think you know the type of woman I'm talking about.

She salivates over good shoes and bags (who doesn’t?) but spends the money on her family instead.

She probably owns a Vitamix and a yoga mat but still feels guilty when she eats that leftover marshmallow bunny from her kid’s or grandkid's Easter basket she has hidden in her desk drawer.

(Not that I’ve ever done that.)

She’s intelligent, educated, creative and romantic.

She secretly loves to dance, probably belongs to a networking, book, or women’s club, vacations in both high-class resorts and RVs, although she’d cruise the Caribbean with her best friend in a heartbeat.

She works out when she can, likes to get her nails done, occasionally does girls night out, and volunteers somewhere special when she can.

And like you, she's itching to have the life she's always wanted.

So start with the free 7-day email series below and let's get this party started because you deserve to love what you do and earn what you're worth!


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