What We're About

Our Mission (What We Do)

We help high-achieving women take charge of their life, their career, and everything in between so they can discover, design, create, build, and thrive in work and life they love.

Our Vision (Where We Are Going)

A thriving online and offline community of 10,000 women, running ridiculously successful enterprises, and enthusiastically supporting each other to do the same.

Our Purpose (Why We Do It)

When women can generate their own money, support their family, have the freedom they want, make better choices for themselves, and create greater opportunities for those they love, they can literally change the world by making it a healthier, happier, safer place for everyone.

Our Values (How We Do It)

We believe, without reservation, in personal responsibility and one’s ability to choose her thoughts and behaviors at any and all times. Because of this belief, we honor and respect each individual’s freedom of choice to succeed or fail, it is entirely up to them. We guide, encourage, and support but, ultimately, it is up to each of our members to birth their dreams into reality and bring forth their success.

We believe success is a choice. It doesn’t matter what our members’ backgrounds are, it doesn’t matter where they came from, their circumstances, history, education, family, or setbacks. All of those are part of their unique and individual stories, but they are not deciding factors in their success or failure. Ultimately, only each student can make that decision for herself.

We do not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. Integrity is everything. Even the appearance of deceit, fraud, or dishonesty is not acceptable.

As high-achieving women, we think abundantly at all times, believing there is plenty to go around. One woman's success does not diminish our own, it enhances it. We are inspired and encouraged to do the same because another woman’s success reduces the darkness and fear for us all.

We are grateful for, thankful for, and abundantly, unabashedly thrilled to see another woman succeed and soar to her potential. And we celebrate another woman’s success, as it lights and paves the way, gives us hope, and makes it that much easier for us all to get to the top together.

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