Military Women, Wives, & Veterans

Rediscover your inner rebel (remember her?) and find your unique way in the civilian world.

A special message for my sisters who've served:

As a military woman, you're so used to living and working in the military "family," you may not recognize the value of your experience and expertise outside of it.

So when it's time to operate in the private sector, you might feel lost, intimidated, and "not enough."  

Which is complete nonsense.

The truth is, you are elite. A completely different breed - better than you know and far more capable than most.

You've handled responsibility beyond your years, long separations, life and death decisions, holidays alone, foreign cultures, and lost household goods.

You're ambitious, disciplined, adaptable, resilient, and comfortable with change.

And you're pretty sure there isn't a problem you can't fix, jury-rig, or find someone who can.

As a military daughter, sister, wife, and veteran, I get the whole military lifestyle.

Shoot, for the longest time growing up, I thought cardboard boxes were a normal part of all good decorating schemes!

As a leadership and success expert, entrepreneur, and career Naval Officer, I am absolutely passionate about helping military women build a thriving, prosperous business and life they love.

During the 15 years since I retired from the military and began running my own company, I looked for a community of women that felt like home.

But I never found one that felt like my military "family," so I created my own, a unique blend of high-achieving women all building successful businesses, balancing their lives, and encouraging each other along the way. 

Take Charge Life will help you find your unique way in the civilian world, so you can discover, design, create, build, and thrive in work and life you love.

Many of the members are Veterans.

  • We know what it’s like to get surprise orders to the other side of the world.
  • We’ve know the heart wrench of missing dance recitals, baseball games, and anniversaries because we had duty or were on two-week workups.
  • And we too have wondered how we’d ever survive in, or were even qualified for, the private sector.

So don't worry, “we got your back.”

Let's be honest, you've proven yourself over and over again and, no matter what gets thrown at you, you know you can handle it.

You're not "not enough" - you're more than most people know what to do with and that makes you a champion.

So let's rediscover your inner rebel (remember her?) and take charge of your life, your work, and everything in between. 

It's your life. Take charge!

- Ann Vertel, Founder & CEO, Take Charge Life

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